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Choose one important scene from the book and write a screenplay including stage directions.


Create a list of actors to play the major characters and explain why you choose those actors.

Letter Writing

Write a letter from Antoinette to her daughter explaining the daughter's parentage.

History of France

Research and prepare a brief oral presentation on the history of the German occupation of France in WWII.

Movie Poster

Create a poster advertising this book made into a movie.

Travel Brochure

Create a travel brochure for a visit to the Martin home and surrounding countryside.


Paint your version of the country around the Martin farmhouse.

Rewrite Ending

Rewrite the ending with a reconciliation between Léonie and Therèse.

News Article

Write a news article describing the burning of the church and who is suspected.


Write Antoinette's obituary including survivors and interests.

Jewish Family


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