Daughters of the House Character Descriptions

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Thérèse - This character is the primary daughter of the house before her mother, Antoinette, passes away.

Léonie - This is the other main character in the novel. At the heart of the book is this character's conflict with her cousin, Thérèse, a girl who is fiercely competitive with this character once they reach adolescence.

Antoinette - This character is Louis' first wife and Madeleine's sister. She and her sister inherit the Martin estate because their older sister left to join the convent.

Madeleine - This character is Antoinette's younger sister. She is rightfully co-owner of the Martin estate that has been in the family for generations.

Louis - This character is Thérèse's father and Antoinette's husband.

Rose Taillé - This character is a local woman who lives near the Martin farmhouse. She and Victorine are close to the...

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