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Chapter 1, The Wall | Chapter 2, The Writing Table

• The novel begins with a description of a nightmare.

• The house is "changeable."

• Léonie and Thérèse meet after years of separation.

• Léonie has started a list of all the objects in the house on the advice of her lawyer.

• Léonie expects the comparisons and jealousies from her and Thérèse's adolescent years will resurface.

• Léonie imagines she and Thérèse are again playing a game where they spin on the spot until one of them falls.

Chapter 3, The Doorbell | Chapter 4, The Chandelier

• Thérèse arrives by bus and has not left the monastery for twenty years.

• Thérèse notices the graveyard where her father, mother, and aunt are buried.

• When she reaches the house, the lights are off. Thérèse is greeted by Léonie, who stares angrily.

• Thér...

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