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Jessica Mitford
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What illness did Jessica's daughter contract as a 4-month old?
(a) Scarlet fever.
(b) Measles.
(c) Whooping cough.
(d) Polio.

2. What story was replayed in the New York papers after Jessica and Esmond moved there?
(a) The story of Prince Edward's love affair.
(b) The story of Jessica and Esmond's elopement.
(c) The story of Diana's divorce
(d) The story of Nancy's success.

3. What method did Esmond use to sell his products in Washington?
(a) Selling from a decorated truck.
(b) Telephone sales.
(c) Door-to-door sales.
(d) Demonstrations in parks.

4. How much did Jessica receive from her trust fund when she turned 21?
(a) Five hundred pounds.
(b) Fifty pounts.
(c) Two hundred and fifty pounds.
(d) One hundred pounds.

5. Where did Jessica find work in New York?
(a) At a music school.
(b) In a dress shop.
(c) In an art gallery.
(d) In a cafe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Esmond find a job doing in Washington?

2. Instead of New Orleans, where did the Romillys end up after getting lost?

3. In the conflict in Europe, which side's position did Esmond support?

4. Upon arriving in New York, what did Jessica and Esmond notice about Americans?

5. Where did Jessica and Esmond marry?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Esmond find a job doing in Washington, D.C.?

2. What was the situation in Europe in 1939?

3. What did a friend offer Jessica and Esmond to help with their financial troubles?

4. How did Jessica and Esmond spend their first days in New York?

5. Why did Jessica refuse to have lunch on the ship that Nancy was supposed to have been on?

6. What did Jessica realize differed between she and Kay Graham?

7. What did Jessica and Esmond decide to do after Esmond lost his job?

8. What happened to Jessica and Esmond's daughter?

9. Who was Mr. Donahue, and what did he do?

10. In the time after they left New York, what would Jessica and Esmond discuss with many of the people they met?

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