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Jessica Mitford
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who greeted Jessica and Esmond when they arrived in Spain?
(a) Giles.
(b) Sir Mosley.
(c) The foreign minister.
(d) The British ambassador.

2. With whom did Muv arrange for Jessica to go on a shopping date?
(a) Dora.
(b) Emily.
(c) Julia.
(d) Frannie.

3. During Jessica's debut season, what caused her mother consternation?
(a) Jessica talked about her political views.
(b) Jessica didn't pay attention to her appearance.
(c) Jessica was often late for events.
(d) Jessica couldn't remember people's names.

4. According to Muv, what did marriage result in?
(a) Money to do the things you've always wanted to do.
(b) Being able to relax.
(c) A woman having things to keep her busy.
(d) Utter happiness.

5. Prince Edward's love affair with which woman scandalized Britain in the late 1930s?
(a) Diana Mitford.
(b) Alice Barrymore.
(c) Hedy Lamarr.
(d) Wallis Simpson.

6. What would Uncle Tommy tell the children stories about?
(a) His days at sea.
(b) His university days.
(c) His army days.
(d) His childhood.

7. What skill did one of the children's governesses teach them?
(a) Water polo.
(b) Manipulation.
(c) Knitting.
(d) Shoplifting.

8. What did Jessica quarrel about with Diana and Boud when they returned to Swinbrook?
(a) Their trust funds.
(b) A boy named James.
(c) The family's vacation plans.
(d) Politics.

9. What kind of vessel did Jessica and Esmond take to Spain?
(a) A cargo boat.
(b) A cruise ship.
(c) A fishing boat.
(d) A sail boat.

10. What was the purpose of the Mitfords' cruise?
(a) To have fun in the ship casino.
(b) To introduce the girls to society.
(c) A matchmaking opportunity.
(d) An educational tour.

11. Which of the following was in the Mitford home?
(a) A hospital room.
(b) A chapel.
(c) A bowling alley.
(d) A swimming pool.

12. Why did Debo and Jessica leave the school to which they were sent?
(a) Debo hated it.
(b) Jessica was being picked on.
(c) The war started.
(d) The school burned down.

13. Why didn't Jessica attend Diana's wedding?
(a) The car she was riding in broke down.
(b) She got lost on the way to the church.
(c) She had scarlet fever.
(d) She didn't approve of Bryan Guinness.

14. How old was Jessica around the time of Diana's wedding?
(a) Ten years old.
(b) Thirteen years old.
(c) Fifteen years old.
(d) Eighteen years old.

15. Who delivered the note to the Mitfords saying Jessica and Esmond eloped?
(a) The postman.
(b) Peter.
(c) Diana.
(d) Tom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Dorothy Allhusen?

2. What did Uncle Tommy do for a living?

3. What was the name of the poor girl with whom Jessica exchanged letters?

4. Where did Mrs. Mitford have a home that the family occasionally visited?

5. How did Jessica fund her trip to Spain?

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