Daughters and Rebels: An Autobiography Fun Activities

Jessica Mitford
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Have students write an additional chapter that continues from the point the book ends and details what happened in Jessica's life up until her death in 1996.


Choose an interesting event from the novel and adapt it into a script and perform it as a dramatic scene or comedic skit.

Book Cover

Design a new book cover that depicts the novel in an interesting and creative way.

Short Story

Research life in 1930s England and compose a short story that is set during that time.

Storyboard/Comic Book

Choose a sequence of events from the novel and present it visually as a film storyboard or comic book.


Have students choose their favorite scene or event in "Daughters and Rebels" and create a diorama based on this scene.

Persona Trading Cards

Assign each student in the class one or two individuals who played a significant role in...

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