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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Joaquin want to change?

2. In which Chilean city do Jeremy and Rose live?

3. What is Jeremy's brother named?

4. What month is it when the news about gold reaches Chile?

5. What illness does Tao's master have?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why don't Rose Sommers and Mama Fresia try to stop Eliza from delivering her letter to Joaquin?

2. Describe Jacob Todd's living situation as he settles into Chile.

3. Explain the roles of John, Jeremy, and Rose within the household.

4. Why does Feliciano think it is pointless for Paulina to have a bank account in her name?

5. How does Mama Fresia find out that Eliza is seeing Joaquin?

6. What does Jacob do to become a celebrity?

7. Why does the ghost of Lin tell Tao Chi'en that he has to help Eliza when she becomes ill on the boat?

8. Why does Paulina want John to be the captain of her steamship?

9. Overall, how are women fairing in California?

10. What does Rose Sommers think about Joaquin at first, and then upon a second look?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What function does Paulina play in the plot? What themes are portrayed through her character? How is she similar or different than the other female characters?

Essay Topic 2

Eliza and Tao Chi'en obviously have a very strong bond that grows throughout the novel. Why do they ignore their connection at first? Why do they eventually reconnect? What is the significance of their reunion?

Essay Topic 3

Allende portrays the prostitutes in the traveling brothel and the one on the ship as being very kind and loyal. List some examples of times that prostitutes are shown in a good light. What is the significance of portraying these women (who are doing what might be considered immoral by most) as caring and helpful?

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