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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Eliza choose Wednesday to meet Joaquin?
(a) Rose is hosting a dance.
(b) Everyone is at church.
(c) Eliza is supposed to be at a friend's house that night.
(d) Rose will be at a friend's house.

2. Who rescues Eliza from being accosted?
(a) John.
(b) Paulina.
(c) Tao Chi'en.
(d) Jeremy.

3. Who does Jacob fall in love with?
(a) Paulina.
(b) Mama Fresia.
(c) Eliza.
(d) Rose.

4. What does Eliza learn from the woman who works for Jeremy and Rose?
(a) Cleaning skills.
(b) Farming skills.
(c) Sewing skills.
(d) Culinary skills.

5. What year is it when Rose and Jeremy arrive in Chile?
(a) 1825.
(b) 1830.
(c) 1820.
(d) 1835.

6. What is the relationship of Jeremy and Rose?
(a) Brother and sister.
(b) Childhood friends.
(c) Employer and employee.
(d) Husband and wife.

7. Who does Eliza follow when she is looking for a way onto the boat?
(a) A ship captain.
(b) A loose woman.
(c) Her mother.
(d) A priest.

8. What season is it when "The News" starts?
(a) Winter.
(b) Fall.
(c) Summer.
(d) Spring.

9. How often do Eliza and Joaquin meet?
(a) Once a week.
(b) Every evening.
(c) Once a month.
(d) Every morning.

10. Where has gold been discovered?
(a) Florida.
(b) California.
(c) Mexico.
(d) Brazil.

11. What month is it when Eliza first sees Joaquin?
(a) May.
(b) August.
(c) October.
(d) April.

12. How does Eliza let Joaquin know where and when to meet her?
(a) She gives him a letter.
(b) She tells him in person.
(c) She has a maid relay the message.
(d) She asks his coworker to tell him.

13. What does Joaquin steal to sell in order to make money for his journey?
(a) Food.
(b) Bibles.
(c) Guns.
(d) Tools.

14. How does Tao Chi'en get separated from his family?
(a) His family sells him.
(b) He runs away.
(c) He gets kidnapped.
(d) His family dies in a fire.

15. How old is Joaquin in "Love"?
(a) Twenty-one.
(b) Eighteen.
(c) Twenty-five.
(d) Twenty.

Short Answer Questions

1. In which Chilean city do Jeremy and Rose live?

2. Where does Jacob get money while in Chile?

3. How old is Tao Chi'en when he gets separated from his family?

4. What is Joaquin's job?

5. Who asks: "Do you think anyone does anything free in this world, niña?"

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