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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Business Dealings.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Eliza first see Joaquin?
(a) He comes to a party at the Sommers' house.
(b) She sees him stealing cargo from John's ship.
(c) When she sneaks out of the house and goes to a bar.
(d) When he makes a cargo delivery to the Sommers' house.

2. What does Tao Chi'en give to Eliza to help her hide her identity?
(a) A large tarp.
(b) A blond wig.
(c) Men's clothes.
(d) A wedding ring.

3. What does Eliza learn from the woman who works for Jeremy and Rose?
(a) Culinary skills.
(b) Cleaning skills.
(c) Farming skills.
(d) Sewing skills.

4. What profession does Joaquin pursue at the age of fourteen?
(a) Tailor.
(b) Missionary.
(c) Law enforcement.
(d) Priest.

5. Why isn't Eliza worried about being caught with Joaquin in the house?
(a) Rose and Jeremy are away on business.
(b) She drugs Rose and Jeremy.
(c) Rose and Jeremy are heavy sleepers.
(d) Rose and Jeremy don't mind if she has her friend over.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Eliza make money now that she's on her own?

2. What does Jeremy find in his bottle of brandy?

3. On what condition will Rose take Eliza to England?

4. Who old is Karl when he first experiences love?

5. On what night must Mama Fresia terminate Eliza's pregnancy?

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