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Daughter of Fortune: The Movie

Cast the roles of Eliza, Jeremy, Rose, John, Tao, Jacob, Joe Bonecrusher, Joaquin, and Mama Fresia using famous celebrities. Because characters age throughout the novel, feel free to cast them at any point in the story. For example, Rose could be a woman in her twenties or in her early forties.


Pretend you are a music director. For any ten chapters, think of a song that you feel represents the mood or ideas portrayed.

Drawing and Coloring

Daughter of Fortune has some scenes which are very vividly described. Draw and color a picture of any of the following scenes:

Jacob Todd's living arrangement with the widow.

The first time Eliza meets Joaquin.

The wedding of Paulina and Feliciano.

Eliza's first day in California.

When Tao awakes on the ship as a slave.

Love Poem

Write a love poem in any style from...

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