Daughter of Fortune Character Descriptions

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Elías Andieta - See Eliza Sommers.

Joaquín Andieta - This character is a social activist who moves to California in search of gold. Rumors and news articles paint this character as a criminal.

Señora Andieta - This character is the very poor mother of a social activist.

Babalu the Bad - This character is a bodyguard for a traveling brothel.

Karl Bretzner - This character is an Austrian singer who goes to London to perform. It is discovered that this character is married and has two children.

Tao Chi'en - This character is a healer who gets kidnapped and used as a cook.

Chile Boy - See Eliza Sommers.

Agustín del Valle - This character forces his daughter to go to a convent when she falls in love.

Paulina del Valle - This character is a very intuitive businessperson who makes money...

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