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• A baby, Eliza, is left on the doorstep of Rose and Jeremy Sommers in Valparaiso, Chile.

• Rose and her brother, Jeremy, decide to raise the baby.

• As a child, Eliza spends much time with the maid, Mama Fresia, in the kitchen.

• John Sommers, a sea captain, sails to Chile with Jacob Todd on his ship.

The English

• Jacob is mistaken for a missionary but is really selling Bibles.

• Jacob falls for Rose, but she does not have any interest in settling down with a man.

• Jacob becomes very ill, but is cured.

• Jacob stays in Chile to pursue Rose.


• Rose makes Eliza take lessons in culture and wants her to go to a finishing school, but Jeremy disapproves.

• Rose and John start a dowry for Eliza.

• Paulina falls in love with a wealthy miner named Feliciano.

• Paulina is sent to a convent but escapes with help...

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