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Louise S. Rankin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Lotus Blossom's younger sister?
(a) White Lily.
(b) White Jade.
(c) Blue Sky.
(d) Yellow Sun.

2. What does Momo trip over after finding the traders in Chapter 5?
(a) A cat.
(b) A dog.
(c) A boy.
(d) A girl.

3. Whom does the Lady Paton send a letter to in Chapter 8?
(a) Nema.
(b) Wing Fong.
(c) Gopal.
(d) Christopher.

4. Which of the guards loses his patience with Momo in Chapter 8?
(a) Lakur.
(b) Termja.
(c) Gopal.
(d) Bindar.

5. Where does Momo sneak away to sleep after finding the traders?
(a) Outside the house.
(b) The forest.
(c) The barn.
(d) By the river.

6. The spouse of the person who bought Pempa holds what position?
(a) Military Secretary of the Governor of Tibet.
(b) Military Secretary of the Governor of Bengal.
(c) Prince.
(d) Emperor.

7. Who is Tsu Foo's uncle?
(a) Lat Sahib.
(b) Lop San.
(c) Big Dorje.
(d) Wing Fong.

8. Lady Paton tells Momo that she will have Lat Sahib give Momo's father a job as a ______________
(a) Caretaker for a bungalow.
(b) Merchant.
(c) Police officer.
(d) Rickshaw driver.

9. Wing Fong reveals that Pempa was sold to whom?
(a) Indian lady.
(b) English lady.
(c) Indian man.
(d) Tibetan monk.

10. Who is the British man is in Chapter 6?
(a) Lat Sahib.
(b) Sita-Ram.
(c) Dolma.
(d) Wing Fong.

11. What does the gentleman who greets Momo tell her about her prayers?
(a) They are in vain.
(b) They will be heard.
(c) They've been answered.
(d) She doesn't pray enough.

12. What palace does Momo's driver drive her to in Chapter 8?
(a) Burra Lat Sahib.
(b) Lhasa Bin Gojda.
(c) Darjan Bin Bujda.
(d) Termja Lat Benar.

13. What does Lotus Blossom devise for Momo to take to the Military Secretary's home?
(a) A taxi.
(b) Wing Fong's rickshaw.
(c) A mule.
(d) A boat.

14. What refers to a small two-wheeled Asian passenger vehicle drawn by one or two men?
(a) Bicycle.
(b) Rickshaw.
(c) Moped.
(d) Scooter.

15. What does Momo cut to free herself?
(a) A rope.
(b) A hose.
(c) A chain.
(d) A curtain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lady Paton instruct her men to make sure that the thief of Pempa must do?

2. Whom does Momo go to see with Lady Paton?

3. The gentleman who helps Momo in Chapter 6 is __________ among the British.

4. What does the woman of the house do when Momo says she wishes to be released?

5. In Chapter 5 how is the woman of the house described?

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