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Louise S. Rankin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5-6, The Ten Traders and Tsu Foo, Protector of the Poor.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event brought the tradesmen to Momo's house in Chapter 2?
(a) A terrible storm.
(b) An avalanche.
(c) A monsoon.
(d) An earthquake.

2. What is the vehicle ridden most often by Momo in the novel?
(a) Bicycles.
(b) Mules.
(c) Trains.
(d) Motorcycles.

3. What kind of family does Momo pass after crossing the bridge?
(a) Lemur.
(b) Tiger.
(c) Lemming.
(d) Monkey.

4. How do Tsu Foo's uncle and aunt treat her?
(a) Gratefully.
(b) Cruelly.
(c) Lovingly.
(d) Monetarily.

5. What have Momo and her mother forgotten?
(a) A guide.
(b) Nema.
(c) The prophecy.
(d) The map.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Momo call the series of rocks and paths that lead down into India from the mountains?

2. What does Momo cut to free herself?

3. What business does Momo's mother run from their home?

4. Where is Momo forced to work in Chapter 5?

5. What is the first of the three vehicles of Buddhism?

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