Daughter of the Mountains Character Descriptions

Louise S. Rankin
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This protagonist of the novel is a small Tibetan girl from the hill country whose father is a mail carrier and is often absent from home.


This is the name of a Lhasa Terrier puppy that is given to the protagonist by a muleteer and trader.

Momo's Mother and Father

These characters are supportive of the protagonist's desire for a dog, but they also are poor and do not encourage her to get her hopes up.

Tsu Foo

This character, who helps the protagonist find the ten traders, is young and effectively enslaved to an uncle and aunt.

Big Dorje

This is one of the major ten traders who initially refuses to help the protagonist but is compelled to help her by a high-ranking English diplomat.

Little Dorje

This character is a boy trader who helps the protagonist find the ten traders.


This character is...

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