Daughter of the Forest Short Essay - Answer Key

Juliet Marillier
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1. Who does Sorcha rely heavily on in this book, and why?

Sorcha relies heavily on her brothers because her mother died when she was a baby and her father is often away from home.

2. What is a luath?

A luath is a portion of land run by a specific person. It is something like a state or a province; and Sorcha's father, Colum, is the man in charge of running things in his luath.

3. How does Colum handle the death of his wife?

Colum handles the death of his wife by burying himself in the work before him as the Lord of his luath and by finding reasons to be away from home as much as he can.

4. How does Sorcha describe Liam, Diarmid, and Cormack at the beginning of the book?

At the beginning of the book, Sorcha describes Liam, Diarmid, and Cormack as being similar to her father. They are strong men with patriotic hearts, who want to be soldiers in order to protect the rights they believe belong to their people.

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