Daughter of the Forest Character Descriptions

Juliet Marillier
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This character's mother died in childbirth; therefore, she has been raised by six older brothers and well-meaning servants.

Lord Hugh of Harrowfield/Red

This character is a kind, non-violent person who believes in the goodness of the earth, the future of agriculture, and respect for all things.


This character is a member of the personal guard.


This character expresses doubt about the girl rescued from the river, worried that taking her with them will cause them to move too slowly.

Lord Richard of Northwoods

This character is a person who has become obsessed with battling the Irish.


This character is a gentle young person who has learned how to read and is clearly not fit to be a warrior.


This character is a gentle, caring child who goes out of his way to rescue a Briton prisoner from his father's home despite...

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