Daughter of the Forest Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Juliet Marillier
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Chapters 1-2

• Sorcha is a young girl with six older brothers who care for her as surrogate fathers since her mother died at childbirth and her father is always away.

• Colum, Sorcha's father, is a luath Lord who is often away on business and is a warlord against the enemies around him.
• Sorcha touches a starwart plant by the lake one day, and her hand begins to swell. Finbar, her brother, helps her get it out.

• Finbar can sometimes see the future and is able to communicate worldlessly with Sorcha.
• Eilis is the daughter of a neighboring Lord whom Sorcha finds very boring. She is upset when her oldest brother gets engaged to Eilis.

• At the engagement banquet, Finbar asks Sorcha to make a sleeping draught for a British prisoner so Finbar can help him escape.
• Later, Father Brien asks Sorcha to help him heal someone. It turns...

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