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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gletkin say is the reason peasants in industrial positions should be shot for even minor infractions of the law?
(a) Rules are the only way for a country to know they are doing a good job.
(b) Peasants had to learn in ten years what most in other countries learned in 200 years.
(c) Death is the only punishment for all crimes.
(d) Peasants are too stupid to learn on their own.

2. What does Rubashov think the best of them do when condemned to die?
(a) They stay silent.
(b) They still try to take down the government.
(c) They try to get in some political points in their last speech.
(d) They blame the state.

3. Why is Rubashov taken outside during one of his hearings?
(a) Rubashov faints during the session.
(b) It is his exercise time.
(c) Gletkin is beginning to like Rubashov.
(d) He said he would not sign unless he was outside.

4. What does the newspaper say Rubashov answers when asked if Rubashov pleads guilty?
(a) No
(b) Yes
(c) To some charges
(d) In an intellectual sense

5. What does Rubashov know would stop the hearings?
(a) To kill himself
(b) To agree to everything or to deny everything
(c) To begin accusations against Gletkin
(d) To sleep through the hearings

Short Answer Questions

1. What sticks out of the wall above Wassilij’s head?

2. What does Rubashov say is suicide for the revolution?

3. Why does Rubashov think that Gletkin has nothing to erase?

4. What is the method by which Rubashov’s accusations say he was going to end No. 1’s life?

5. What temptation does Rubashov say he has overcome?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Wassilij’s daughter have to say about Rubashov’s trial and what is his response?

2. What does Rubashov think about the party as he is waiting to be executed?

3. To what other charges does Rubashov concede? What is the one charge that is dropped?

4. What does Prisoner 402 say about capitulation? What does Rubashov think of this belief?

5. What does Wassilij say to his daughter about Rubashov’s speech?

6. When Rubashov begins to address the court, what does he say he will talk about?

7. With whom does Gletkin confront Rubashov and with what charge?

8. What is Rubashov’s response about Arlova when the prosecutor asks about her? What does the prosecutor say to Rubashov about Arlova?

9. What does the reactionary peasant do to end up in prison?

10. How does Rubashov respond to Hare-lip’s accusations?

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