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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gletkin fear about Ivanov and Rubashov?
(a) The Ivanov will convince Rubashov for a public trial and Gletkin’s methods will be questioned
(b) That Ivanov will succeed and Rubashov will sign a confession
(c) That Ivanov will help Rubashov escape
(d) That they are conspiring to have Gletkin arrested

2. What does No. 402 tell Rubashov after Rubashov reveals his name?
(a) Why are you here?
(b) I am innocent.
(c) How the mighty doth fall.
(d) Serves you right.

3. Why does Gletkin think no human can resist torture?
(a) No human believes anything that strongly.
(b) Humans are inherently self-centered.
(c) The human spirit is limited by the physical nervous system.
(d) There is nothing worth dying for.

4. To whom is Richard’s sister-in-law married?
(a) The mayor of Ludenberg
(b) A police constable
(c) Johann Rupenstein
(d) Petier Von Luntz

5. What does Richard think people need to be told?
(a) The Party’s will determination is unbeatable.
(b) The Party is strong and growing.
(c) The people need to be told the truth.
(d) Richard does not have an opinion on what to tell the people

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Richard’s trade?

2. What does the doctor say is wrong with Rubashov’s tooth?

3. As Rubashov paces his cell, what does he wonder about No. 1 ?

4. What happened to Arlova?

5. What does Little Loewy smoke?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Rubashov question Richard and what does Rubashov tell Richard?

2. Why is the agriculturist killed?

3. What is Rubashov thinking by the time Ivanov leaves him the morning after Bogrov is killed?

4. What is Rubashov’s flashback about after he is told he will get no breakfast?

5. How does Rubashov pass his time in the his cell?

6. How does Rubashov prepare for his first interrogation when he thinks they may use the steambath on him?

7. Who is brought to cell 406? What does he keep tapping?

8. Why does Rubashov think he is unable to hate No. 1?

9. What does Rubashov tell the warden when he is asked why he is not out of bed? What is the warden’s reply?

10. What does Ivanov tell Rubashov the day after Bogrov is killed?

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