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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Rubashov over the next several days following his first interview with Gletkin?
(a) He is taken in for cross-examination with little sleep
(b) He is moved to a different part of the prison
(c) He is taken to court for his trial
(d) He is left alone

2. How does the reader heat water for tea?
(a) On a hotplate
(b) In a pot hanging in the fireplace
(c) On the electric stove
(d) On a Primus stove

3. What does Hare-lip say is the what Rubashov says is the way No. 1 will no longer be in power?
(a) No. 1 will be removed by violence.
(b) No. 1 will never be removed.
(c) No. 1 will resign when he is old.
(d) No. 1 will be forced out by the Party.

4. What temptation does Rubashov say he has overcome?
(a) To ask for mercy
(b) To challenge his accusers
(c) To tear down the party
(d) To renounce his confessions

5. What happened to Hare-lip’s father?
(a) He was executed.
(b) He died of old age.
(c) He died of a long, extended illness.
(d) He moved to Belgium.

6. Why does Wassilij not protest the removal of Rubashov’s picture off the wall?
(a) He is angry at Rubash.
(b) He is too old to go to prison.
(c) He does not care one way or the other.
(d) He is too sad to look at the picture

7. What does Rubashov’s new exercise partner call himself?
(a) A counter-revolutionary
(b) A desert dweller
(c) A reactionary
(d) A stubborn farmer

8. What does Wallilij do occasionally as he listens to the newspaper account?
(a) Shouts a curse
(b) Tells her to stop for a moment
(c) Mumbles
(d) Paces the floor

9. What does the prosecutor ask Rubashov about counter-revolutionary movements?
(a) If Rubashov can recite a list of counter-revolutionary actions
(b) If Rubashov acted as an agent of counter-revolution
(c) If Rubashov wants to denounce the counter-revolution movements
(d) If Rubashov has named any other conspirators

10. What does Rubashov realize he missed right after breakfast?
(a) Talking to Ivanov
(b) The usual phrase from cell 406
(c) The bugle calling wake-up
(d) Having a second cup of coffee

11. What does Wassilij say to the reader about Rubashov declaring himself a traitor?
(a) She does not understand about any of it
(b) He was probably tortured
(c) He will rot in hell
(d) He is not a traitor

12. What does the newspaper say Rubashov answers when asked if Rubashov pleads guilty?
(a) In an intellectual sense
(b) No
(c) To some charges
(d) Yes

13. What does Rubashov say can take the nothingness out of dying?
(a) Religion
(b) Knowing that death is not the end
(c) Love
(d) Being reconciled to the party

14. What does the resolution that the reader signed demand?
(a) That Rubashov be sent to Siberia
(b) That Rubashov be exterminated
(c) That a new trial take place for Rubashov
(d) That Rubashov be released

15. What does Rubashov think about when he is thinking about suffering?
(a) Suffering is the only thing the revolution has not eliminated
(b) Suffering is bad for the advancement of humanity
(c) There is a difference between pointless and meaningful suffering.
(d) All suffering is good for the soul

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Rubashov mean to study when he was a boy?

2. What does Rubashov feel is one of the worst degradation during his interviews with Gletkin?

3. Who does the reader sign up to marry three weeks ago?

4. Why did Rubashov not recognize Hare-lip’s name?

5. Why does Wassilij turn his head away from the reader?

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