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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the prosecutor demand at the end of his speech?
(a) Rubashov be sent to Siberia
(b) Two of the charges be dropped
(c) Rubashov receive life in prison
(d) Rubashov receive the death penalty

2. What does Rubashov think is the real reason he is innocent of all charges?
(a) He is too old to care about another revolution
(b) His entire life has been dedicated to the party
(c) He would never over-throw a government he helped put in place
(d) Gletkin is not even smart enough to understand Rubashov’s thinking process

3. What does the newspaper say is the type of evidence against Rubashov?
(a) Recorded conversations with terrorists
(b) Documents accumulated over a three year period
(c) Rubashov’s confession and documentary evidence
(d) It is not said what the evidence is

4. What does Rubashov say the present day theorists’ job in government is?
(a) To show the party where the people must be manipulated
(b) To render the laws comprehensible
(c) To take the philosophy of government and make it practical
(d) To prove that a change in course by No.1 is a revelation of philosophy

5. What does Rubashov think the best of them do when condemned to die?
(a) They try to get in some political points in their last speech.
(b) They blame the state.
(c) They still try to take down the government.
(d) They stay silent.

6. What does Gletkin say will happen in the future when the regime survives?
(a) Prisons such as these will not exist.
(b) The world will understand the need for revolution.
(c) Russia will be the dominant power in the world
(d) Rubashov and his colleagues will be given the pity and honor they deserve.

7. What does Rubashov say can take the nothingness out of dying?
(a) Religion
(b) Knowing that death is not the end
(c) Love
(d) Being reconciled to the party

8. What does Wassilij say to the reader about Rubashov declaring himself a traitor?
(a) She does not understand about any of it
(b) He is not a traitor
(c) He will rot in hell
(d) He was probably tortured

9. Why does Rubashov think that Gletkin has nothing to erase?
(a) He comes from a different country.
(b) He is too young.
(c) He has no past.
(d) He has always obeyed the rules.

10. What does Rubashov know would stop the hearings?
(a) To agree to everything or to deny everything
(b) To sleep through the hearings
(c) To begin accusations against Gletkin
(d) To kill himself

11. Why does Wassilij think one must be cunning in life?
(a) So one can live comfortably
(b) So one does not end up in prison
(c) So that one can advance
(d) So one can steer the young in a direction without the young knowing it

12. Why does Rubashov make the speech he makes?
(a) He realizes he no longer cares.
(b) He wants to preserve the republic.
(c) He has been guaranteed life in prison.
(d) He realizes it is too late for anything else.

13. What did Rubashov talk about with a diplomat of a foreign power which Gletkin says was a conversation to get a foreign power to overthrow the government?
(a) Horses
(b) Agriculture
(c) His father’s farm
(d) Guinea pigs

14. What did Wassilij hide in his mattress?
(a) A picture of Lenin
(b) A gun
(c) A Bible
(d) A new passport

15. What does Rubashov say becomes real in death?
(a) The metaphysical
(b) Believing in an after life
(c) The purpose in dying
(d) Thoughts of God

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Hare-lip’s father?

2. What does Gletkin say was the purpose of Rubashov’s confession two years previously?

3. What color of scarf is the reader wearing?

4. How does the reader heat water for tea?

5. What does the newspaper say Rubashov answers when asked if Rubashov pleads guilty?

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