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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Wassilij turn his head away from the reader?
(a) He is depressed.
(b) He does not want her to see him coughing up blood.
(c) He does not want her to see him cry.
(d) He has contradicted her and has not done such for a long time.

2. What does the prosecutor tell Rubashov he does not have because of Arlova?
(a) No moral sense
(b) No understanding of what is necessary for the revolution
(c) No regrets
(d) The entire story

3. What does the reader say the cell secretary asks her?
(a) If Wassilij is a counter-revolutionary
(b) If she has signed the petition
(c) If Rubashov said anything useful to Wassilij
(d) If Wassilij and Rubashov stayed friends to the end

4. What does Rubashov do with his confession before supper?
(a) He reads it again and makes two corrections
(b) He hands it to a guard
(c) He flushes it down the john
(d) He tears it up

5. What does the prosecutor demand at the end of his speech?
(a) Rubashov receive life in prison
(b) Rubashov receive the death penalty
(c) Two of the charges be dropped
(d) Rubashov be sent to Siberia

6. What does Hare-lip say is the what Rubashov says is the way No. 1 will no longer be in power?
(a) No. 1 will be removed by violence.
(b) No. 1 will be forced out by the Party.
(c) No. 1 will resign when he is old.
(d) No. 1 will never be removed.

7. What does Gletkin say is the one duty of the revolution?
(a) To convert the world
(b) To kill any and all opposition
(c) To not perish
(d) To save the masses

8. What makes Wassilij start to cough?
(a) To stop himself from saying too much
(b) Sitting up too fast
(c) From smoking a cigarette
(d) Drinking tea that is too hot

9. What does Rubashov realize about his position with Gletkin?
(a) Rubashov has as much power as Gletkin.
(b) Gletkin is much younger than Rubashov.
(c) Gletkin wants to do away with the old guard.
(d) Gletkin hates Rubashov.

10. What does 402 say when Rubashov tells him Rubashov is capitulating?
(a) 402 says he rather hang
(b) He tells Rubashov that 402 is going to do the same
(c) He tells Rubashov he is very brave
(d) He tells Rubashov he is a coward

11. On what does Rubashov say Ivanov’s loyalty to No. 1 is based?
(a) Blind faith
(b) Friendship
(c) Patriotism
(d) Logical considerations

12. What did Wassilij hide in his mattress?
(a) A gun
(b) A picture of Lenin
(c) A Bible
(d) A new passport

13. When is Rubashov taken from his cell after turning in his confession?
(a) At two in the morning on the third day
(b) At eight in the morning of the second day
(c) In the afternoon of the third day
(d) Within two hours of turning his confession over to the warder

14. For what reason does Kieffer beg his life be spared?
(a) He was led astray by Rubashov.
(b) He did not mean to say any of it.
(c) He is very young.
(d) He could not help who his father was.

15. What does Wassilij ask the reader about the petition she has?
(a) If she plans to sign it
(b) If she brought it there for him to sign
(c) If the boy she plans to marry has signed it
(d) If the civil war veterans are required to sign it

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wassilij say to the reader about Rubashov declaring himself a traitor?

2. What does the reader ask Wassilij before Wassilij signs the petition?

3. What is the method by which Rubashov’s accusations say he was going to end No. 1’s life?

4. What does the prosecutor ask Rubashov about counter-revolutionary movements?

5. Who does the reader sign up to marry three weeks ago?

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