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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rubashov become deaf?
(a) He ran artillery in the army.
(b) He had scarlet fever when he was a boy.
(c) He was born deaf in one ear.
(d) He is hit behind the ear with a pistol.

2. What kind of car do the officials drive who come to arrest Rubashov?
(a) A modern American car
(b) A new German Audit
(c) A French Peugeot
(d) An old Russian Moskvitch

3. What does Rubashov think molded him and Ivanov to be very similar people?
(a) Both knowing No. 1 so well
(b) The intense environment of the party
(c) The give and take of being outside the country so often
(d) Fighting in a war

4. What does the barber put under Rubashov’s collar?
(a) A photograph
(b) A piece of paper
(c) A piece of chocolate
(d) Some prison vouchers

5. Why does Rubashov feel sorry for Prisoner 402?
(a) 402 will not be killed but imprisoned for the rest of his life
(b) 402 is very young
(c) Rubashov does not feel sorry for 402
(d) 402 is not allowed outside

6. What does Ivanov call Rubashov’s emotional state?
(a) Martyr complex
(b) Nervous depression
(c) Sentimental nonsense
(d) Anti-revolutionary

7. What does Bill, a man Little Loewy and Rubashov meet, do for a living?
(a) Writes articles for party magazines
(b) He is a banker
(c) Writes novels
(d) He is a dockworker

8. What relative of Arlova’s was arrested over there?
(a) Her father
(b) Her sister
(c) Her mother
(d) Her brother

9. Where does Rubashov meet with Little Loewy?
(a) In Russia
(b) In Germany
(c) On the Rhine River
(d) In a Belgian port

10. How many paces is Rubashov’s cell?
(a) Six and a half
(b) Five
(c) Seven and a half
(d) Nine

11. What does Rubashov think the barber looks like?
(a) His former brother-in-law
(b) An actor
(c) A farmer
(d) A mechanic or locksmith

12. What does Little Loewy smoke?
(a) Cigars
(b) Cigarettes
(c) A sailor’s pipe
(d) A corncob pipe

13. With what does Rubashov say he and the other leaders of the revolution replaced vision?
(a) Hard work
(b) Logical deduction
(c) A specific set of laws
(d) Nothing, vision was never discussed

14. What does Ivanov say would have made Raskolnikov innocent of a crime?
(a) If he had killed the old woman for the party
(b) If he had not killed a second person
(c) If the old woman had fought against Raskolnikov
(d) If it had been done in a different country

15. What is the name of Richard’s wife?
(a) Genevieve
(b) Kathryn
(c) Anny
(d) Bonnie

Short Answer Questions

1. What does 406 say is the reason he is in prison?

2. What does the doctor say is wrong with Rubashov’s tooth?

3. What happens in the trade delegation library shortly before the second great trial of the opposition?

4. What does Ivanov call all the deaths that have occurred since the revolution?

5. As Rubashov is lying in his cell the first morning, what does he think will happen to him?

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