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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many paces is Rubashov’s cell?
(a) Six and a half
(b) Five
(c) Nine
(d) Seven and a half

2. What does Rubashov think about the Party’s results after he runs out of cigarettes?
(a) The principles were right, the results wrong.
(b) The results were right.
(c) The Party was completely wrong.
(d) The Party could not foresee the results.

3. With what does Rubashov say he and the other leaders of the revolution replaced vision?
(a) Hard work
(b) Logical deduction
(c) Nothing, vision was never discussed
(d) A specific set of laws

4. What does Ivanov say is incompatible with social progress?
(a) Allowing the masses to have luxury
(b) Respect for the individual
(c) Capitalism
(d) Giving the people enough to eat

5. What color blouses did Arlova always wear?
(a) Red
(b) Blue
(c) White
(d) Black

6. What does Rubashov shout out his door as the breakfast crew is leaving his hallway?
(a) Paper and pencil
(b) I will eat lunch.
(c) Go on and leave me alone.
(d) I do not know.

7. With whom was Richard’s wife having an affair?
(a) The cinema operator
(b) A Party chairman
(c) Richard’s brother
(d) No one

8. What does Richard say about the material the Party sent him to distribute?
(a) It was written for the lowest of peasants.
(b) It had just the right tone.
(c) It was written very well.
(d) It was full of nonsense.

9. What does Rubashov decide about Ivanov’s assertion that Ivanov wants to help Rubashov?
(a) He does not mean it
(b) He feels ashamed that Rubashov saved his life
(c) Ivanov is sincere in his desire to help Rubashov
(d) He is using it as a manipulation

10. Why does Rubashov feel sorry for Prisoner 402?
(a) 402 will not be killed but imprisoned for the rest of his life
(b) Rubashov does not feel sorry for 402
(c) 402 is very young
(d) 402 is not allowed outside

11. How much did Rubashov have to pay for the taxi ride he took when he left Richard?
(a) Thirty rubles
(b) Ten dollars
(c) Nothing
(d) Twenty marks

12. What does the doctor say is wrong with Rubashov’s tooth?
(a) His eye-tooth is broken off at the root.
(b) It needs a filling.
(c) There is nothing wrong with his tooth.
(d) His tooth has been chipped.

13. What is the quadratic alphabet?
(a) There is no such thing.
(b) It is the number of paces .in a cell times three divided by one half.
(c) It is a square which is filled in with letters for communicating.
(d) It is related to the way the sun hits a sundial.

14. What makes Rubashov think the games are played too well in the Trade delegation?
(a) The diplomats speak French
(b) The diplomats wear American suits
(c) It is possible to choose who is going to what country from appearance
(d) It is almost impossible to separate appearance from reality

15. What does Rubashov do first when they lock him in his cell?
(a) Lights a cigarette
(b) Uses the toilet
(c) Screams at the guard
(d) Lies down

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does Rubashov say wrong ideas must be punished?

2. What is the last thing prisoner 380 yelled as he is pulled down the corridor?

3. What book does Ivanov say should never have been written?

4. What does Ivanov say are the two conceptions of human ethics?

5. What was Richard’s trade?

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