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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gletkin think no human can resist torture?
(a) No human believes anything that strongly.
(b) There is nothing worth dying for.
(c) The human spirit is limited by the physical nervous system.
(d) Humans are inherently self-centered.

2. What does Rubashov shout out his door as the breakfast crew is leaving his hallway?
(a) I will eat lunch.
(b) Go on and leave me alone.
(c) Paper and pencil
(d) I do not know.

3. About how long does it take to travel to the prison from Rubashov’s home?
(a) One day
(b) Thirty minutes
(c) One hour
(d) Two days

4. What book does Ivanov say should never have been written?
(a) Crime and Punishment
(b) Anna Karenina
(c) The Gulag Archipelago
(d) War and Peace

5. What does Rubashov do first when they lock him in his cell?
(a) Lights a cigarette
(b) Uses the toilet
(c) Lies down
(d) Screams at the guard

6. What makes Rubashov think the games are played too well in the Trade delegation?
(a) It is almost impossible to separate appearance from reality
(b) It is possible to choose who is going to what country from appearance
(c) The diplomats wear American suits
(d) The diplomats speak French

7. To whom is Richard’s sister-in-law married?
(a) Johann Rupenstein
(b) Petier Von Luntz
(c) A police constable
(d) The mayor of Ludenberg

8. What kind of stories did the prisoner in cell 402 often tell?
(a) Anecdotes about his father, a blacksmith
(b) Stories of his girlfriends
(c) Anecdotes about the officer’s mess
(d) Stories of his life in America

9. What does Rubashov say is history’s mortar?
(a) Belief, blood and bravery
(b) War, deception and power
(c) Blood, mud, and lies
(d) Lies, soap, and religion

10. What is wrong with Ivanov’s bad leg?
(a) It is artificial.
(b) It is full of shrapnel.
(c) It is shorter than the other.
(d) The knee is frozen.

11. As Rubashov is lying in his cell the first morning, what does he think will happen to him?
(a) He will be shot.
(b) He will be sent to Siberia.
(c) He will be released.
(d) He will be in prison for several years.

12. What does Ivanov call Rubashov’s emotional state?
(a) Nervous depression
(b) Martyr complex
(c) Sentimental nonsense
(d) Anti-revolutionary

13. What does Ivanov say are the two conceptions of human ethics?
(a) Christian and humane
(b) Humane and inhumane
(c) Humane and collective aim
(d) Natural and man-made

14. What does Ivanov say has driven many to martyrdom?
(a) False beliefs
(b) Moral cowardice
(c) Exhaustion and depression
(d) Religion

15. What does Ivanov say is incompatible with social progress?
(a) Allowing the masses to have luxury
(b) Respect for the individual
(c) Giving the people enough to eat
(d) Capitalism

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Richard’s trade?

2. What picture hangs over Rubashov’s bed at home?

3. What does Gletkin say is the reason Gletkin did not give in to torture?

4. To what round is Rubashov attached for daily exercise?

5. When No. 402 proclaims the emperor, what does Rubashov say to him?

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