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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Grammatical Fiction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ivanov believes that he is what kind of person? What kind of person does Ivanov believe Gletkin to be?
(a) Gletkin is a stoic and Ivanov is soft
(b) Ivanov is a cynic and Ivanov is a moralist.
(c) Ivanov is a "by the books" and Gletkin is spontaneous.
(d) Gletkin is a cynic and Ivanov is a moralist

2. What book does No. 1 keep on his desk at all times?
(a) The Prince
(b) Spartan and Liberty
(c) Justice Poetics
(d) The Communist Manifesto

3. What kind of stories did the prisoner in cell 402 often tell?
(a) Anecdotes about the officer’s mess
(b) Stories of his life in America
(c) Stories of his girlfriends
(d) Anecdotes about his father, a blacksmith

4. What does Wassilij think about when the reader reads about the recess?
(a) Rubashov returning on crutches from a foreign country
(b) Wassilij talking late into the night with Rubashov
(c) Wassilij telling Rubashov not to capitulate
(d) Rubashov leading the charge when he was head of the battalion

5. What does Gletkin say about Arlova?
(a) She might have been innocent.
(b) Arlova is not really dead.
(c) She said before she died that Rubashov considered the revolution dead.
(d) Rubashov did not denounce her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does 406 say is the reason he is in prison?

2. What happened to Hare-lip’s father?

3. What sticks out of the wall above Wassilij’s head?

4. What is the name of Richard’s wife?

5. What profession did No. 406 have?

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