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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Third Hearing.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ivanov call Rubashov’s accuser?
(a) The man
(b) X
(c) Someone
(d) C

2. What picture hangs over Rubashov’s bed at home?
(a) A picture of his family
(b) A picture of a vacation spot in France
(c) A picture of No. 1
(d) A picture of the Red army taking over the tsar’s palace

3. What does 406 say is the reason he is in prison?
(a) He was put on the wrong train
(b) He stole some food
(c) He tried to start a counterrevolution
(d) He was sleeping in the basement of a known criminal

4. What does Rubashov realize he missed right after breakfast?
(a) The bugle calling wake-up
(b) Having a second cup of coffee
(c) Talking to Ivanov
(d) The usual phrase from cell 406

5. What does Rubashov think is the real reason he is innocent of all charges?
(a) Gletkin is not even smart enough to understand Rubashov’s thinking process
(b) He is too old to care about another revolution
(c) His entire life has been dedicated to the party
(d) He would never over-throw a government he helped put in place

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rubashov consider the new generation of Communists to be?

2. From what does Rubashov tell Ivanov all of Ivanov’s examples are taken?

3. What kind of stories did the prisoner in cell 402 often tell?

4. What was Richard’s trade?

5. What does Bill, a man Little Loewy and Rubashov meet, do for a living?

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