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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Third Hearing.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Little Loewy die?
(a) A heavy crate fell on him while unloading a ship.
(b) He was shot by a Party member.
(c) He hanged himself.
(d) He fell off a ship.

2. What was the last position Ivanov held in the military when he was over Rubashov?
(a) Company commander
(b) Platoon Lieutenant
(c) He was never in the military with Rubashov.
(d) Battalion commander

3. What does Rubashov shout out his door as the breakfast crew is leaving his hallway?
(a) I do not know.
(b) Paper and pencil
(c) I will eat lunch.
(d) Go on and leave me alone.

4. When is Rubashov taken from his cell after turning in his confession?
(a) At two in the morning on the third day
(b) Within two hours of turning his confession over to the warder
(c) In the afternoon of the third day
(d) At eight in the morning of the second day

5. What does Rubashov feel is one of the worst degradation during his interviews with Gletkin?
(a) When he falls off a chair
(b) When he has to talk with his eyes closed
(c) When he has to ask to relieve himself
(d) When he falls asleep

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Rubashov over the next several days following his first interview with Gletkin?

2. What was Richard’s trade?

3. How does Rubashov become deaf?

4. Why did Rubashov not recognize Hare-lip’s name?

5. What does Richard think people need to be told?

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