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Paper and Pen

Rubashov requests these after his arrest. Rubashov must buy his own.


Rubashov smokes. When he first comes to the prison, he does not have any cigarettes. They make him wait until he has vouchers for the prison store to buy more, which forces Rubashov to go through a short withdrawal.


This is an image of No. 1 in most homes throughout Russia, including Rubashov’s bedroom.


Pince-nez are eye glasses without arms that sit on the nose. Rubashov wears a pair of pince-nez.

Fountain Pen

Gletkin gives Rubashov a fountain pen when it is time for him to sign a confession. Rubashov is put off by the warmth of the pen from Gletkin's pocket.


Wissilij reads the account of Rubashov’s trial in this periodical. Wissilij is deeply frightened and disturbed by what he reads.


Wissilij signs this against traitors like...

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