Darkness at Noon Character Descriptions

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She is Rubashov's secretary during his job at the Trade Delegation.

Michael Bogrov

He is Rubashov's old friend. Rubashov befriended him when he taught him to read while they were roommates in exile.

Elder Official

The older of the two officials who originally arrest Rubashov .


Rubashov's examining magistrate after Ivanov is arrested


Rubashov's old friend and his examining magistrate for the first two hearings.

Hare-lip Kieffer

He is revealed to be the son of Rubashov's old friend who had been previously condemned as a traitor and executed.

Little Loewy

He is Rubashov's contact for his mission for the party in a Belgian seaport.

No. 1

The fictional representation of USSR leader Joseph Stalin.

No. 402

Rubashov's neighbor in prison with whom he taps conversations through the wall.

No. 406

Also called Rip Van Winkle, he is an old peasant who walks next to Rubashov during his outings in...

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