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Jeff Lindsay
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has jurisdiction at the Office Depot Center?
(a) Hillsborough county.
(b) Dade county.
(c) Broward county.
(d) Pasco county.

2. By what name does Dexter call the killer?
(a) Bobby.
(b) Biney.
(c) Bubba.
(d) Barry.

3. Why does Dexter think Rita wants him to come over in Chapter 15?
(a) So they can make up.
(b) So they can watch a movie.
(c) So she can vent.
(d) So she can break up with him.

4. Dexter dreams he has killed ______ women in Chapter 19.
(a) Eight.
(b) Seven.
(c) Three.
(d) Five.

5. What can one view on Kathouse.com?
(a) Panther's hockey games.
(b) Cat houses.
(c) Crime scene photos.
(d) Real estate.

6. Who discovers Jamie's body?
(a) Gervasio Martez.
(b) Sergio Rodriguez.
(c) Deborah.
(d) Michael Sloan.

7. Where does the Tamiami Trail killer leave the bodies in Chapter 19?
(a) At a construction site.
(b) In a pool.
(c) In a palm tree.
(d) At the ice rink.

8. According to Deborah, what would Harry do if he saw the image on the security video?
(a) Destroy the video.
(b) Turn Dexter into the police.
(c) Encourage Dexter to runaway.
(d) Put Dexter in a mental institution.

9. What is Deborah's nickname for Dexter?
(a) Dex-Dex.
(b) Dexy.
(c) Shnookums.
(d) Snuggles.

10. In Chapter 25, Dexter says he felt like ______'s poster child, and he wanted to go home and go to bed.
(a) Friedrich Nietzsche.
(b) Sigmund Freud.
(c) Aristotle.
(d) Francis Bacon.

11. Where does the FDLE have jurisdiction?
(a) South Florida.
(b) Central Florida.
(c) Statewide.
(d) North Florida.

12. In Dexter's childhood memory, he is sitting in a pool of ______.
(a) Mud.
(b) Jello.
(c) Swamp water.
(d) Blood.

13. What does Deborah and Dexter find in the goalie's net in Chapter 21?
(a) Fingers.
(b) Legs.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Arms.

14. All of the following items are found in or around the heads in Chapter 19, except for which item?
(a) Drywall.
(b) A Barbie.
(c) A toy truck.
(d) A mirror.

15. Dexter was ______ when Deborah disappeared.
(a) Eating.
(b) In the shower.
(c) Out for a jog.
(d) Asleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. Brian is all of the following except for which?

2. Who drives the Zamboni for the morning skate?

3. Why does Dexter go into Jamie's evidence box?

4. ______ knows Dexter's dark secret.

5. Who is Dexter's first human victim?

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