Darkly Dreaming Dexter Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jeff Lindsay
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Chapter 1

• Dexter Morgan is a blood analysis expert, who is also a serial killer who only targets serial killers and child molesters.
• Dexter has been waiting for the right moment to take a murderous priest, who has killed seven children and buried them in a garden.
• Dexter fastens the priest to a table with duct tape and begins his work. Before Dexter kills the priest, Dexter hears the priest whisper "thank you."

Chapter 2-3

• Deborah is at the scene of the fifth murder of its kind, and Deborah knows it is going to be a big deal when the killer is caught. Deborah also knows Dexter has some sort of instinct about these things and wants all the help he can offer.
• Dexter goes over to check out the body. It is immediately clear, however, that his expertise is not necessary since there is absolutely no blood on...

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