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Harlan Coben
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 25, what does Susan Lex call Stan Gibbs?

2. In Chapter 33, where do Susan and Myron drive?

3. In Chapter 36, as everyone scrambles to find Jeremy, what does Emily wonder?

4. What is Myron floored to discover?

5. What does the kidnapper say to Emily?

Short Essay Questions

1. What dark family secret has Susan Lex been hiding for years?

2. Why is Myron upset and angry after meeting George Garston?

3. When Stan is finally retested to be the bone marrow donor, what is discovered?

4. How does Greg change in this section of the book?

5. Why does Stan wish to bring the Lex's down?

6. What do Myron and Emily consider once they speak with Dr. Singh and realize that they cannot harvest bone marrow from Edwin?

7. What don't Myron and the FBI understand about Stan Gibbs?

8. When Myron finally has a chance to speak with Jeremy at basketball practice, what does Jeremy reveal?

9. Who is Chase Layton and why is Myron pressuring him for information?

10. What does Greg admit to Myron about Emily?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1. Give three examples of characters that face death in the book. Describe what happens to the character.

2. How does overcoming death change a person? How does it change each character?

Essay Topic 2

The Darkest Fear is a novel full of father/son relationships.

1. Compare the relationships of Al & Myron, Greg & Jeremy, Stan & Edwin, and Myron & Jeremy.

2. Do you think that Myron and Jeremy will ever have the relationship that Al and Myron share?

3. Was Stan really trying to protect his father? Or was he putting his own wishes for fame ahead of his sick father's gruesome crimes?

Essay Topic 3

While Myron enjoyed his trip to the Caribbean, he knows that duty is calling him home to save his business.

1. How is Terese Collin's character a symbol for escapism throughout the novel?

2. Discuss the meaning of Terese's presence throughout the novel.

3. Why is Myron so reluctant to be influenced by Terese's need to escape?

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