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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Myron recruit this same person to help him find the missing donor?
(a) She works for a Blood Center.
(b) He does not use her help because he wants nothing to do with her.
(c) She can be very persuasive.
(d) She is a journalist with connections.

2. When Myron searches the internet for "sow the seeds," he finds information on an author named ________.
(a) Stan Gibbs.
(b) Stan Granger.
(c) Stan Stellar.
(d) Stan Williams.

3. What does Susan Lex think of her brother being Jeremy's bone marrow donor?
(a) There is no way Dennis could have been a bone marrow donor.
(b) She pushed him to donate marrow.
(c) He wants to give back to the community.
(d) Dennis is mentally ill and cannot think on his own.

4. What is a copycat killer?
(a) A cat killer.
(b) Someone who admires killers.
(c) A person who impersonated an original serial killer.
(d) The name of Stan's cat.

5. What information does Taylor give Myron about Garston?
(a) Stan forced Melina to go out with him.
(b) Taylor refuses to go against his friend, Stan.
(c) The police think Stan is responsible for Garston's death.
(d) Garston was planning on killing Stan.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 13, what does Myron receive?

2. Why does Myron want to videotape the meeting with Billy Englehardt?

3. The mysterious phone call that Myron receives seems _____________.

4. Of what is Stan Gibbs a part as far as the FBI is concerned?

5. When Myron sees Jeremy for the first time, how does Myron feel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Myron agree to go to Emily's house?

2. What is Myron's reaction when Dr. Singh suggests that Emily and Myron make another child?

3. Does Nathan Mostoni recognize the name Davis Taylor?

4. As the book opens, with whom is Myron meeting? What are Myron and this person concerned about?

5. Where does Myron run and why?

6. What information does Billy Englehardt give Myron and Terese as they leave the Blood Center?

7. In Chapter Two, after Emily and Myron meet, what shocking news does Myron receive?

8. Who does Myron pick up at the airport? What do Myron and this person realize about their relationship?

9. Who is Big Cyndi and how is she related to Myron?

10. How does Myron's meeting with Susan Lex go?

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