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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what does the FBI suspect Stan?
(a) Contaminating evidence.
(b) Stan Gibbs is the Sow the Seeds Killer.
(c) Killing Melina.
(d) Threatening Susan Lex.

2. What does Win offer Chase Layton in return for information about the Lex's?
(a) A cash bribe.
(b) A new car.
(c) Business with Lock-Horne, his company.
(d) Business with MB Sports Reps.

3. What does Grover intend to break to silence Myron?
(a) Myron's fingers.
(b) Myron's neck.
(c) Myron's back.
(d) Myron's leg.

4. In exchange for a deal, what information will Edwin Gibbs give Myron and the FBI?
(a) His confessions.
(b) Jeremy's location - dead or alive.
(c) Money that belongs to the Lex's.
(d) The location of other bodies.

5. In Chapter 33, where do Susan and Myron drive?
(a) To a large hospital facility.
(b) To a back alley.
(c) To an expensive hotel.
(d) To Myron's home.

6. How is this place connected to the Lex's?
(a) It is in the back of their home.
(b) It is their family business.
(c) There is no connection.
(d) It is the law office of the Lex's attorneys.

7. What is Myron's mother's name?
(a) Erica.
(b) Emma.
(c) Ella.
(d) Elizabeth.

8. As Myron arrives at the police station, who is in the cell with Stan Gibbs?
(a) Aunt Rachel Steinberg.
(b) Aunt Clara Steinberg.
(c) Aunt Clara Augusta.
(d) Aunt Agnes Stewart.

9. In Chapter 31, where does Myron's group meet?
(a) The Empire State Building.
(b) Stokes, Layton, and Grace.
(c) At Myron's home.
(d) Susan Lex's office.

10. To whom does Myron feel he must apologize?
(a) Stan Gibbs.
(b) Susan Lex.
(c) Chase Layton.
(d) Eric Ford.

11. With whom does Myron arrange a meeting at the end of Chapter 30?
(a) Esperanza.
(b) Win and Esperanza.
(c) Eric Ford, Captain Green, and Win.
(d) Win, Esperanza, Big Cyndi, and Zorra.

12. How does Myron finally get through to Chase Layton?
(a) He punches him.
(b) He bribes him.
(c) He persuades Chase to help.
(d) He threatens to ruin his business.

13. Who does not believe that Dennis Lex is involved in Jeremy's disappearance?
(a) Win.
(b) Esperanza.
(c) Kimberly Green.
(d) Eric Ford.

14. What does the kidnapper say to Emily?
(a) She will find her son swimming with the fishes.
(b) She will miss her son.
(c) He tells her he will call back soon.
(d) He will chop her son into little pieces.

15. Who has Myron discovered to be the true Sow the Seeds Killer?
(a) Stan Gibbs.
(b) Edwin Gibbs.
(c) Eric Ford.
(d) Dennis Lex.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Granite Man?

2. As Chapter 21 begins, what is Win convinced Myron must do?

3. In Chapter 25, How does Grover react to Myron's presence around Susan?

4. What connection did Raymond Lex and Stan Gibbs' father have with each other?

5. What does Stan uncover about the Lex's?

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