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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What pushes Myron to delve deeper into the Lex's background?
(a) He thinks Dennis Lex was framed.
(b) Their intense need for privacy and security.
(c) He has a vendetta concerning the Lex family.
(d) He has no other leads.

2. What does Myron ask Greg to postpone?
(a) Making Emily worried about Jeremy.
(b) His second marriage ceremony.
(c) Their court fight.
(d) The press conference.

3. For what is Greg Downing responsible?
(a) Ending Myron's basketball career.
(b) Myron fleeing to a tropical island.
(c) Creating Myron's sports representative business.
(d) Marrying Myron's sister.

4. When did Emily and Myron have the opportunity to conceive Jeremy?
(a) In the Caribbean.
(b) At Emily's bachelor party.
(c) On the night before Emily's wedding they had an affair.
(d) After Emily was married.

5. At the address of the supposed donor, who do Myron and Greg find?
(a) A beautiful woman.
(b) Nothing, it is a fake address.
(c) The donor.
(d) A confused old man, Nathan Mostoni.

6. Why is there no happy ending for Myron and the person with whom he went to the Caribbean?
(a) They cannot civilly live in the same state.
(b) They have no foundation on which to build a relationship.
(c) Their relationship is purely physical.
(d) They do not like each other.

7. What is similar about Myron and Esperanza's upbringing?
(a) They were both adopted.
(b) They have bad relationships with their fathers.
(c) They grew up in very loving families.
(d) Their mothers died when they were young.

8. What do they discover is the reason for the donor backing out?
(a) The donor did not want to go through the procedure.
(b) The donor thinks he was treated rudely by the staff at the center.
(c) The donor died.
(d) The donor became deathly ill.

9. What does Myron notice at the beginning of Chapter 19?
(a) Emily has no feelings for him.
(b) Terese no longer loves him.
(c) He is being followed.
(d) His hair is falling out.

10. Why does Gibbs seem so eager to help Myron?
(a) He would like to build a freindship with Myron.
(b) He wants Myron to represent him.
(c) To clear his own name.
(d) To clear his father's name.

11. What has happened to Jeremy Downing's donor?
(a) He never existed.
(b) He has disappeared.
(c) He left the United States.
(d) He died.

12. When Myron sees Jeremy for the first time, how does Myron feel?
(a) Regret from sleeping with Emily.
(b) Myron is speechless.
(c) Myron has no feelings for Jeremy.
(d) He is resolved.

13. With whom is Win the closest?
(a) Myron and Esperanza.
(b) Myron.
(c) Esperanza.
(d) Jessica.

14. What does Suzze think of Rack Enterprises' appearance deal?
(a) She is considering the offer.
(b) She thinks the offer is degrading.
(c) She would like to take it for the money.
(d) She is appalled by the offer.

15. What is Myron's main attitude about life?
(a) Make lots of money.
(b) To do what is right.
(c) Win his first love back.
(d) He is generally depressed.

Short Answer Questions

1. As far as Win is concerned, what is Myron to Jeremy?

2. How did Greg ruin Myron's career?

3. Where do Myron and Dr. Singh meet at the beginning of chapter 6?

4. What information does Taylor give Myron about Garston?

5. What has Myron repeatedly sworn off?

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