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Harlan Coben
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gibbs seem so eager to help Myron?
(a) He would like to build a freindship with Myron.
(b) To clear his father's name.
(c) To clear his own name.
(d) He wants Myron to represent him.

2. Who does the FBI think was the Sow the Seeds Killer's first victim?
(a) Melina Garston.
(b) Edwin Green.
(c) Davis Taylor.
(d) Dennis Lex.

3. What kind of stories does Myron enjoy while at Emily's house?
(a) Stories about Emily's teen years.
(b) Stories of their youth.
(c) Jeremy growing up.
(d) Tales of Emily and Greg's travels.

4. What does the reader begin to wonder about Emily?
(a) Does she truly love her son.
(b) If she ever loved Myron.
(c) If Myron is truly the father of Jeremy.
(d) Whether or not she still loves Myron.

5. What does Greg tell Myron about Emily and her will to find the donor?
(a) Emily will use Jeremy to get closer to Myron.
(b) Emily has consulted many doctors to find more donors.
(c) Emily will hurt Greg and Myron to get Jeremy's donor.
(d) Emily will do anything and everything it takes to find Jeremy's donor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who warned Gibbs against writing an investigative article on Dennis Lex?

2. What connection did Raymond Lex and Stan Gibbs' father have with each other?

3. When did Emily and Myron have the opportunity to conceive Jeremy?

4. Why is there no happy ending for Myron and the person with whom he went to the Caribbean?

5. Why does Myron want to view Jeremy's room?

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