Darkest Fear Fun Activities

Harlan Coben
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Create your own private eye.

Part 1 - With a partner, create your own mystery novel protagonist. The main character can be a nontraditional mystery solver like Myron or a much loved private eye like Sherlock Holmes.

Part II - Draw a picture of your protagonist.

Rewrite a Chapter

Rewrite the last two chapters of the book. Create an alternate ending for the story.

Create a crossword puzzle.

Using characters, places, and themes from the book, create a crossword puzzle for Darkest Fear. There should be words going across and down the puzzle. Words should intersect with one letter. Make up 30 clues for different aspects of the book.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article as if you were Stan Gibbs revealing the secrets of the Lex's. How would you present the Lex's dirty secret to the rest of the world?

Dirty Little Secret.

Many characters in the book have...

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