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Harlan Coben
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Essay Topic 1

The Darkest Fear is a novel full of father/son relationships.

1. Compare the relationships of Al & Myron, Greg & Jeremy, Stan & Edwin, and Myron & Jeremy.

2. Do you think that Myron and Jeremy will ever have the relationship that Al and Myron share?

3. Was Stan really trying to protect his father? Or was he putting his own wishes for fame ahead of his sick father's gruesome crimes?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, Emily seems to be a manipulative character.

1. What is the source of Emily's manipulation? Is it Jeremy's survival or her desire for Myron? Cite examples for your reasoning.

2. Does a woman's desperation give her the freedom to do whatever possible to help someone else?

Essay Topic 3

What other characters manipulate the facts to achieve their desires?

Discuss how three of the following characters manipulate others in the novel to get what they want:


Stan Gibbs...

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