Darkest Fear Character Descriptions

Harlan Coben
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Myron Bolitar

This is the easy going, protagonist of the novel. He is constantly concerned with doing right. While he is a sports agent, he moonlights as an investigator. In the Darkest Fear, he discovers he has a son.

Emily Downing

A protective mother who will do anything to save her son.

Stan Gibbs

A disgraced journalist who wishes to become famous. This person's father is the real Sow the Seeds Killer.

Windsor Horne Lockwood III

The main character's best friend. This person owns his own business and attended college with Myron.

Esperanza Diaz

This person is a partner in MB SportsReps and also one of Myron's best friends. This character put himself through law school.

Greg Downing

This person ruined Myron's basketball career out of jealously. He and Myron unwillingly reunite to find the missing blood donor.

Jeremy Downing

This character has a deadly form of cancer...

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