The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Character Descriptions

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The Gunslinger

This character is a tall, stolid man. His face is weathered and timeworn. He carries two guns at his side. He is the last of his breed. He is pursuing the man in black.

The Man in Black

This man is often thought to be a priest. The people of Tull think he is an angel of God. He has knowledge about the Dark Tower.


This nine-year-old boy is from the future. His hair is so blond it has turned white in the hot sun of the desert. His own parents had forgotten him in his own world because they were very busy with their own lives. The boy is intended to be a sacrifice.


This character dwells in the desert. He is the only person the gunslinger meets in the desert who is not insane or infected with leprosy.


This character is...

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