The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1 Section 1

• The gunslinger is self-possessed and resolute.

• He travels into the barren desert.

• He carries two guns with sandalwood stocks across his hips.
• The gunslinger pursues the man in black.

• The gunslinger finds traces of the man in black from old campfires.

• He wonders if the man in black left the campfires as a message.

Chapter 1 Section 2

• The gunslinger comes out of the foothills with his donkey.

• He passes the small dwellings of lepers and madmen.
• The gunslinger meets a young man named Brown.

• Brown has waist length red hair.

• Brown invites the gunslinger to stay with him.

Chapter 1 Section 3

• Brown lets the gunslinger sleep for five hours.

• The gunslinger's mule dies during the night and Zoltan eats its eyes.
• Brown serves three ears of corn for dinner.

• The gunslinger is surprised when Brown offers a blessing for rain, health, and a growing spirit.

• Brown says that...

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