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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book II, Chapter XXIV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In <i>Dark Night of the Soul</i>, the power of hell would have no power over the soul if there were no what in the human soul?
(a) Hope of God.
(b) Imperfections.
(c) Spark of humanity.
(d) Desire for sin.

2. In Book I, Chapter III, what is the rosary made of?
(a) Animal teeth.
(b) Gold.
(c) Ivory.
(d) Spines of a fish.

3. According to the author, why must the soul forget all forms of natural love?
(a) To reflect the state of a baby.
(b) To be reminded of sin.
(c) To become more like God.
(d) To appreciate divine love.

4. From what part of the body does the dark night allow man to be free?
(a) The mind.
(b) The heart.
(c) The lower half.
(d) The eyes.

5. What does the author return to explaining in Book II, Chapter XXII?
(a) The poem from the prologue.
(b) Another author's works.
(c) The author's credentials for writing.
(d) A verse from the Bible.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author compare God's trail as He leads the soul on the journey through the dark night?

2. During the dark night, what does the Christian want to do when the spirit of blasphemy descends, according to Book I, Chapter XIV?

3. What does the author call things that stop the human soul from seeking God?

4. What happens when the soul has a more complete purging, according to the author?

5. What is another reason the author gives for the soul traveling through the dark night in concealment?

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