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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book II, Chapter XV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once a soul has received the love from God after the dark night, it will only want to do what, as described by St. John?
(a) Work for and love God.
(b) Commit sins.
(c) Pray for forgiveness.
(d) Pray for other's forgiveness.

2. In Book II, Chapter IX, what is required for a man to possess for his soul to be illuminated with divine light?
(a) God's favor.
(b) A speck of spiritual knowledge.
(c) Holy water.
(d) Wealth.

3. What might descend upon a Christian while he is going through the dark night, as described in the final chapter of Book I?
(a) A perverse or giddy spirit.
(b) A desire for secrets.
(c) Fits of insanity.
(d) A feeling of inner peace.

4. In Dark Night of the Soul, what does the soul wait for in the second night of darkness?
(a) God's forgiveness.
(b) God's instructions.
(c) The emergence of sin.
(d) Inner peace.

5. When a man searches for God in a divine way, the spirit and the soul of that person are transformed into what, according to Book II, Chapter V?
(a) The likeness of God.
(b) A sinner.
(c) A new person.
(d) An innocent child.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the soul become enkindled with during the dark night, according to Book II, Chapter X?

2. What does God want to do with those who go through the most intense darkness of the dark night?

3. What two things cannot exist in the same person?

4. What does the spirit of a man search for in the darkness?

5. In Book II, Chapter XIII, the author states that love is felt by what?

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