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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book I, Chapter XII | Book I, Chapter XIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The soul starts to develop a habit of what during the dark night, as stated in Book I, Chapter XIII?
(a) Identifying sin.
(b) Strong temptation of sin.
(c) Peaceful sleep.
(d) Remembrance of God.

2. In Dark Night of the Soul, with what do slothful Christians have trouble aligning themselves?
(a) Sin.
(b) Hard work.
(c) A pure heart.
(d) God's will.

3. In Book I, Chapter V, beginners fall victim to wrath when they lets the sins of other do what?
(a) Continue.
(b) Irritate them.
(c) Influence decisions.
(d) Enter their lives.

4. What does St. John say happens after a person is involved in spiritual activities for wrath to enter into a beginner's life?
(a) There is no monetary gain.
(b) The person is lazy.
(c) The pleasure fades.
(d) There is no further instruction from God.

5. According to St. John, what does the spirit of those who enter the dark night feel?
(a) The weight of sin.
(b) Guilt.
(c) God's desire.
(d) Tranquility.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is another name for avarice?

2. On what does the author expound, in Book I, Chapter XI?

3. In Book I, Chapter X, what can people become if they do not recognize they are going through the dark night?

4. According to St. John, one going through the dark night does not experience pleasure in what?

5. The seven deadly sins are recognized by what Christian community?

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