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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book II, Chapter XX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Book I, Chapter VII, what do beginners do when they hear others being praised?
(a) They praise the others as well.
(b) They get angry at those being praised.
(c) They devalue the praise.
(d) They get angry at God.

2. What authors quote a state of pain so extreme for the soul it can find no comfort?
(a) Mark and Luke.
(b) Isaiah and Peter.
(c) Job and Jeremias.
(d) Jacob and Daniel.

3. To what is the secret ladder a reference, as mentioned in Book II, Chapter XV?
(a) The ladder of living faith.
(b) The path to becoming like God.
(c) The stairs to heaven.
(d) The ladder of sin.

4. When is a person supposed to start climbing the secret ladder?
(a) After death.
(b) When first believing in God.
(c) After passing through the dark night.
(d) Directly after birth.

5. According to St. John, one going through the dark night does not experience pleasure in what?
(a) Anything spiritual.
(b) Anything physical.
(c) Committing sin.
(d) Anything spiritual or physical.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many steps are on the ladder of love?

2. In Book II, Chapter VII, what will souls not believe when experiencing a dark night with so much pain?

3. According to St. John, on what step does the soul seek to do something worthy of God without any favor from God?

4. St. John says that the dark night causes the soul to gain a healthy respect for what?

5. In Book I, Chapter XII, the soul develops a fear of what during the dark night?

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