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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book II, Chapter II | Book II, Chapter III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Book I, Chapter VIII, what does the second night purify?
(a) Spiritual luxury.
(b) God's love.
(c) The soul.
(d) The sensual.

2. What does St. John say affects Christians in a way that they are easily swayed by their senses and see imaginary visions?
(a) Earthly pleasures.
(b) Actual imperfections.
(c) God's punishments.
(d) Spiritual luxury.

3. It is necessary for the spirit and the sensual portion of man to be separated in order for what to happen, according to Book II, Chapter III?
(a) God's forgiveness.
(b) Baptism.
(c) An entrance into heaven.
(d) The second night of darkness.

4. In Book I, Chapter III, what is the rosary made of?
(a) Spines of a fish.
(b) Ivory.
(c) Animal teeth.
(d) Gold.

5. In Book I, Chapter XII, the soul develops a fear of what during the dark night?
(a) Backsliding.
(b) Temptation.
(c) Other's love.
(d) God's love.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the soul change during the dark night?

2. When does the deadening of a person to the presence of sin get refreshed, according to the author?

3. In Book I, Chapter VII, what do beginners do when they hear others being praised?

4. In Book I, Chapter VIII, what does the first night purify?

5. What symbolism is used to describe how the dark night dries up sensual pleasure?

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