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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book II, Chapter XII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a man searches for God in a divine way, the spirit and the soul of that person are transformed into what, according to Book II, Chapter V?
(a) An innocent child.
(b) A new person.
(c) The likeness of God.
(d) A sinner.

2. In Dark Night of the Soul during the dark night, the soul learns that by itself it is what?
(a) Strong.
(b) Worthless to the devil.
(c) Weak and miserable.
(d) Sinful and guilty.

3. What symbolism is used to describe how the dark night dries up sensual pleasure?
(a) Plant roots.
(b) A cistern of water.
(c) Breast milk.
(d) Paint.

4. According to St. John, what kind of day is it when a man searches for God in a divine way instead of a human way?
(a) Peaceful.
(b) Sinful.
(c) Sad.
(d) Happy.

5. How does the soul change during the dark night?
(a) It becomes ready for heaven.
(b) It "grows up."
(c) It becomes "soft."
(d) It experiences a holy event.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Book II, Chapter XII, what does the spirit of wisdom and love also affects?

2. Gluttony is exhibited when believers go to extremes and will not stop what?

3. St. John says that the dark night causes the soul to gain a healthy respect for what?

4. The soul starts to develop a habit of what during the dark night, as stated in Book I, Chapter XIII?

5. According to the author, why must the soul forget all forms of natural love?

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