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Prologue | Book I, Chapter I

Prologue* St. John introduces his poem "Stanzas of the Soul" which is what Dark Night of the Soul is based on.

• The purpose of the book is discussed.

• Book I, Chapter I

• Flaws that a beginning Christian possesses are described.

• Beginners are like children who need God's milk.

Book I, Chapter II | Book I, Chapter III

• Book I, Chapter II

• The deadly sin of pride is described.

• True believers will work hard for God without regard for themselves.

• Book I, Chapter III

• Avarice, or greed, is another deadly sin that affects believers.

Book I, Chapter IV | Book I, Chapter V

• Book I, Chapter IV

• Spiritual luxury is a sin that results when humans find sensual pleasure in spiritual things.

• Book I, Chapter V

• Wrath is a sin that is usually natural within a Christian's life but becomes sinful only when it is indulged...

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