Objects & Places from Dark Matter: A Novel

Blake Crouch
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Geisha Mask

This hides the identity of the man who kidnaps Jason.

Tesseract Chandelier

This symbolizes Jason and Daniela’s relationship and their home.

Jason’s Wedding Band

This symbolizes the relationship that Jason has with Daniela. When it is missing, Jason replaces it with string.

Loose Thread

This is something that Jason ties around his finger to symbolize his marriage.

Daniela’s Family Recipe

This is something Jason is able to help Daniela prepare in another world. It symbolizes how well he knows her.

The Box

This symbolizes the culmination of Jason 2’s scientific accomplishments.

The Ampoules

These are a compound created by Ryan, and indicate the number of chances that Jason and Amanda have to find Jason’s real life.

The Slash Across Jason’s Face

This is the only way that one of the doppelgangers can be identified.

The Multiverse

This is a place where...

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