Dark Matter: A Novel Character Descriptions

Blake Crouch
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Jason Dessen

This character is kidnapped by an alternative self and struggles to find his way back to his family.

Jason 2

This character is a scientist who creates a box that allows people to enter the multiverse.

Charlie Dessen

This character is a 15-year-old who is the son of a scientist and artist.

Ryan Holder

This character is a college roommate of the main character in the novel.

Amanda Lucas

This character is a psychiatrist who helps a man escape from Velocity Laboratories.

Jason with the Slash on His Face

This character has a drink with the main character in the bar. Later he threatens to kill the main character and take his family.

Leighton Vance

This character is the chief executive and medical officer at Velocity Laboratories.

Daniela Vargas-Dessen

This character gives up her art career to marry and have a son.

The Man in the Leather Jacket

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