Dark Magic Short Essay - Answer Key

Christine Feehan
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1. What is the significance behind Savannah being a musician?

It is significant that Savannah is a musician because it parallels her life as a Carpathian. She can only come out at night, so she is able to put on shows. She has special powers that humans do not, making her life as an illusionist similar to her life as a supernatural creature.

2. What is Savannah afraid of?

Savannah is afraid of appearing inhuman. She is afraid that she will appear to others as a supernatural creature when she tries her hardest to blend in rather than to stand against the crowd. She has not embraced the reality of her lifestyle.

3. What are Carpathians?

Carpathians are creatures similar to vampires. Carpathians seem to have the ability to read minds, shape-shift, and do other magical tricks. They drink human blood, though they can survive on animal blood.

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