Dark Magic Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Christine Feehan
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Chapter 1-3

• The book follows Savannah Dubrinski, a magician and Carpathian, a type of supernatural creature.
• Gregori wants to claim Savannah for his lifemate and he has a claim on her, though she is reserved.
• Savannah is afraid to love Gregori and afraid of appearing anything other than human.
• Vampires are trying to kill Savannah and Gregori.
• Savannah and Gregori discuss their relationship and fears with each other.

Chapter 4-6

• Savannah and Gregori complete the lifemate ritual.
• Vampires try to lure Savannah by making her think her mom is trying to communicate with her telepathically.
• Savannah thinks Gregori is trying to keep her from her mom until she realizes the truth.
• Julian Savage has been protecting Savannah and struggling with darkness.

Chapter 7-9

• Savannah and Gregori are questioned about Peter's death.
• Wade Carter has been looking for Savannah, and he is a part of a group of human...

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