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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before the metallic Grand Dukha stand the thirteen male ____ .
(a) Council heads.
(b) Dictats.
(c) Dynasts.
(d) Priests.

2. At dusk on Honoghr, Leia and her rescue party are ready to set out, and she is too troubled to pay attention to Threepio's report of an excessively curious ____.
(a) Cleaning droid.
(b) Decon droid.
(c) Service droid.
(d) Training droid.

3. When Thrawn asks about her long absence, Mara hears in her head that she must kill ____.
(a) Luke.
(b) The Emperor.
(c) C'baoth.
(d) Thrawn.

4. Lando notices beneath gray seat coverings the blue-and-gold upholstery used only on the ____.
(a) X-Wing Flagship.
(b) Star Destroyer.
(c) Katana Fleet.
(d) Death Star.

5. After the battle, Katana's hull is repaired in record time and the Force guides Luke through the debris to ____ 's side.
(a) Mara's.
(b) Han's.
(c) Lando's.
(d) Luke's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Leia realizes that "thirdson" means ____.

2. Leia thinks that the Noghiri had been enslaved for seven or eight years, but learns that they have really been enslaved for at least ____.

3. Sena asks Han to convince Mon Mothma to invite ____ to join the New Republic.

4. Fey'lya charges that Han wants the ____ for presenting the Katana Fleet.

5. Luke steals ____ from the pilots in the lounge.

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Leia gets the upper hand over Fey'lya during the battle to get the Katana Fleet back.

2. Explain the deal that Thrawn makes with Mara involving giving Mara time to talk to Karrde and how it affects Mara's opinion of the Empire.

3. How would you describe the mental state of Mara Jade up to this point in the book?

4. Explain the deceptive message that Lando receives from Luke via Winter and the ensuing discussion about the price of the Katana Fleet.

5. On Coruscant, what does Karrde say about his discovery of the Katana Fleet and how do Mon Mothma and Fey'lya take the news?

6. Mara seems to be only interested in her own self-preservation, except where Talon Karrde is concerned. Why do you think that Mara cares so much for Talon Karrde?

7. Explain how the Noghiri almost arrest Leia and how Leia avoids arrest.

8. Fey'lya charges that Han wants the glory of presenting the Katana fleet to bring about Fey'lya's downfall and Ackbar's restoration. Han insists that he wants justice. Which of the two do you agree with?

9. Explain how Luke and Mara go about the process of rescuing Karrde.

10. How does the book end, according to Luke's discovery?

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